Postharvest Systems Management A - (15 Credits)

Fresh produce is nutritionally important to human diet, but such produce is often highly perishable and susceptible to loss. This food also supports interest in plant-based eating patterns and shifts in dietary choices. This module will examine the role of postharvest practice and the challenges it faces in maintaining the quality of fresh produce across supply chains. Such knowledge is also seen as a means of reducing food loss and waste, improving food security and tackling global hunger. Managing the quality of fresh produce through postharvest practice requires an understanding of postharvest biology, both the biotic and abiotic causes of deterioration and the connections to preharvest production. This knowledge will be used to evaluate current postharvest methods, challenges and potential solutions to meet changing needs and extend shelf life. The module will familiarise students with key qualitative and quantitative parameters used to assess quality attributes, examining current and future techniques that mitigate postharvest loss and deterioration and meet consumers’ needs. Students will be encouraged to problem solve and acquire and build on knowledge sequentially using flexible delivery linked to learning outcomes.