Applied Research (Methods) for Managers (Online) - (15 credits)

The module introduces students to research and research methods from the perspectives of the researcher, research manager or managerial user and gives them the opportunity to deepen more into areas of their preference. The module will discuss the research process of: identifying issues and problems; specifying research; systematic design, collecting and processing primary and secondary data and information; analysing findings using quantitative and qualitative approaches and producing conclusions, recommendations and suggestions for further investigation. Emphasis will be placed on methods that are objective, systematic, reliable, valid, ethical, effective and efficient. Guidance will also be given on the preparation of research papers and reports. Taught postgraduates from all disciplines will initially share a generic overview that is appropriate for a postgraduate understanding of research and the methods that underpin it. Thereafter, the students will apply principles of research in a more contextualised approach according to their discipline. Students will have the opportunity to experience the whole journey of applied research to provide answers to real-life issues in food systems- from research design to dissemination to a wide audience.