Postharvest Systems Management - (30 Credits)

Food loss and waste is a major issue today and its prevention is viewed as a major means of improving food security and tackling global hunger. The maintenance and modification of crop quality after harvest is particularly important to fresh produce which is notoriously perishable and susceptible to loss. This module examines ways of reducing loss across the supply chain, including at the retail and consumer level, for a range of edible and non-edible crops. Postharvest biology in relation to short and long supply chains, will be used to explore the key factors that affect quality. The module will familiarise students with key analytical techniques used to assess quality attributes and will examine current and future techniques and technologies being used to assess and mitigate postharvest loss and deterioration. This will draw on an understanding of quality in relation to postharvest physiology and shelf life. The student will be encouraged to develop their own analytical approach to solving a simulated or real life postharvest problem. An understanding of storage, packaging and transportation technologies, consumer trends, environmental sustainability and current innovations to improve postharvest quality and/or nutritional value will be examined.