Commercial and Professional Skills for Bioveterinary Science - (15 credits)

This module is intended to develop the necessary commercial and professional skills to specifically prepare students for a career in the Equine Bioveterinary Science industry, as well as nurturing more generic career and business focused skills, transferrable across the wider Equine industry and applicable to all workplaces. It is intended that the flexibility of this module will allow students to develop their skillset in the context of their own individual career aspirations. A key part of the module will be developing the students understanding of the wider equine industry but with a specific focus on the key features of the Bioveterinary Science sector within that. This will include consideration of the types and characteristics of the organisations within the sector; the internal and external factors which influence their activities; and the career and employment opportunities arising as a result. The students will get the opportunity to develop their wider business skills through analysing how the industry operates on a commercial scale and by learning about the sales, marketing and financial side of research and development. The legal and ethical considerations of the Equine Bioveterinary Science industry will be discussed, including developing the students’ understanding of the legal and ethical frameworks currently in place, and the role of governing bodies and legislation that impact this area of the equine industry. It will also expand on issues relating to the ethics and welfare around the use of horses generally by developing this more specifically in the context of veterinary research.