Ethics and Welfare - (15 credits)

This module provides an introduction to the ethical considerations of the Equine Bioveterinary Science industry, which is developed further at level 5 for progressing students, as well as focusing on the welfare considerations of the horse in a wide range of contexts. Students will learn about the relevant pieces of legislation, the role of welfare organisations and rescue centres, and how we can measure and assess good and poor welfare in the horse in a variety of circumstances. This includes discussions around international welfare issues, the horse crisis in the UK, and the ethics and welfare of working horses, performance horses, and horses used in education and research. Learning about how influential management factors are to the welfare of the horse will allow students to develop their ability to assess and improve the environment of horses in all these contexts. Recognising the different frameworks available to measure welfare will form a key part of this module; understanding how the various frameworks have developed over time, and considering whether they are fit for purpose and applicable to the use of horses in the Equine Bioveterinary Science field specifically.