Global and Local Food Systems - (15 credits)

Food security is one of the major challenges facing the world. This module looks at food systems through both a local and global lens. It poses the question on what food security means to people around the globe. It will examine the factors that determine efficiencies and the pressures of maintaining sustainable food chains that impact on the UK and beyond. By assessing the resilience of food systems, the broader context within which they operate will be revealed making direct links to other modules which focus on climate change, socio-political factors including urbanization and ecosystem services. The module will also consider technological developments as a means of increasing production, the link between food and human health, and what food insecurity means to defined populations globally. The module will introduce current and future challenges to food systems in terms of production, processing, transport and consumption and how these might evolve in relation to food trends, nutrition, consumer needs and consumer behaviour . It aims to equip students with the tools to assess the links between food systems, food security and sustainable development to recognise the core role food systems play in the Sustainability Development Goals.