Integrated Production Systems - (15 credits)

The demands placed on current and future cropping systems necessitate resource use efficiency to sustain food and nutritional security for a growing population. This module will be an introduction to the diversity of cropping systems and innovations that are practiced locally, nationally and globally. The module will encourage students to examine optimum growing conditions and constraints to growth for a range of crop types allowing students to appraise practices, understand problems and begin to propose solutions. It will explore the multi- faceted aspects of proposed intensification of contemporary crop production, its management and protection, evaluating the sustainability of practices that work in harmony with the environment. An understanding of the Agricultural Bill and payment for ‘public goods’ alongside transparent supply chains will make overt connections with other year 1 modules This module will investigate the performance and quality of crops grown under different conditions, including protected , urban and field systems, and how market demand influences trends. Problems associated with production systems are identified and evaluated in the context of emerging practices and sustainable solutions.