Event Management - (30 credits)

This module aims to develop an appreciation of the diverse nature and scale of the equine industry within the UK and wider international context. The economic significance of the industry as a whole and the relative contributions of the various sectors will be identified. The nature, size, scope and characteristics of a variety of equestrian businesses and organisations will be researched. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles and methods used to record, measure and analyse the performance of an equestrian business. The impact of the external environment on a range of equine organisations will also be assessed. Students will be introduced to the roles and functions of managers within a variety of equestrian organisations and to the principles which underpin the effective management of an enterprise to give the student a solid foundation in equestrian enterprise management to enable further study of more specialist business concepts within later modules of the course. The module also allows students to develop skills which will enable them to plan and run an event, or contribute to one or more events, using planning techniques. The event enables the development and implementation of organisational and coordinational skills which are an essential part of the management role in equine sector organisations. Equine organisations increasingly look to special events as a very important source of revenue and publicity, and some equine companies' role is entirely based on organising and managing events. Therefore this module aims to encompass the fundamentals of equine business and event management.