Climate, Soils and Land Use - (15 credits)

Soils and climate are fundamental natural resources that affect environmental sustainability and profitability. This module will develop knowledge of properties of soil formation, soils and the strategies required to manage it for growing plants and various crops. The essential nature of soil, its physical, chemical and biological make-up, are examined, with a view to understanding how these natural processes are essential to plant growth, as well as how they may be harnessed to sustainably manage land and landscapes. Students will also discover how the capability of soil is a prime factor in determining the capability of a site to support the growth of a range of plants, and how this might determine and limit productivity. Fertiliser properties, organic manures and environmental considerations will be emphasized. The fundamentals of weather and climate; the global climate system, climate zones, will also be investigated Ultimately the importance of how this in respect of plant growth, as well as how this essentially underpins the understanding of global climate change is highlighted.