Independent (Themed) Project - (20 credits)

This module places previous knowledge into the context of a short exploratory project conducted by the student in a subject area of their choice. Working independently or in groups, students will plan and undertake a short, practical experiment that contributes to their knowledge-base in their chosen area. They will then individually write-up one aspect of the results of the investigation, ensuring the use of supporting information to inform their submission. The emphasis will be on utilising skills gained in previous modules to enable a thorough investigation of the chosen topic, practicing the academic and transferable skills required for further successful study. This will include the selection of a suitable research question, the sourcing and use of relevant literature, the use of practical competencies to conduct the experiment and gather data and the use of maths and IT skills to present that data in a manner suitable for higher education submissions. Enabling the student to conduct the project will also encourage the development of criticality and reflection skills, as each individual will be expected to comment on improvements and alterations were the project to be repeated.