Dissertation - (30 credits)

The dissertation is designed to enable students gain experience in research by undertaking a substantive project, in a subject of their choice. It allows students to gain specialist knowledge, demonstrate scholarship and academic maturity to explore specific issues in greater depth than is possible elsewhere in the programme. It is a major opportunity for students to demonstrate that they have met the level 6 descriptors for Bachelor Degrees with Honours as detailed by QAA within their FHEQ. Students will also be expected to critically analyse and evaluate information and data from a wide range of sources, justify their choice of topic whether through a process of primary or secondary investigation, effectively interpret and synthesise findings in a structured and logical narrative. Dissertation topics can be laboratory and/or field based investigative studies, business projects or literature reviews, with tutor help and guidance supporting the final project approval. The dissertation is also designed to develop independent learning, self-reliance, work planning skills and a professional approach to study. Students are expected to take responsibility for the direction and management of their work through to submission. It is also intended to encourage interdisciplinary and systems-thinking approaches to researching situations and problems encountered in industry and sector to allow students to focus on a specialist subject of their choosing that is often linked to their experience in the sector and their future career aspirations.