Writtle Calling...live from the College

August 2012

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

The Writtle College grounds will play host to a temporary radio station broadcasting from 11-18 September.

Writtle Calling/2EmmaToc is the creative inspiration of artist Melissa Appleton and architectural practice Post-Works.

During the week long broadcast, the station will host a series of live broadcasts by artists, writers, musicians and scientists with a public event on Saturday 15 September.

The broadcasts will be transmitted from a temporary structure that will be located near to the site of the historic original 2EmmaToc station which broadcast from Writtle in 1922. 2EmmaToc was the first regular UK radio station and is regarded as the birth of British broadcasting from its base in an ex-army hut.

Melissa has been working collaboratively with academic specialists in the College’s Centre for the Arts and Design in the Environment (CADE). Both staff and students are excited about the upcoming construction of the temporary structure and the vibrant energy that will be created throughout the broadcast week in September.

Especially for the public event on 15 September, the content will be created to appeal to the field audience as well as listeners on the broadcast frequency.