Writtle Success at Smithfield Festival

December 2011

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

A team of Writtle Higher Education students won the livestock judging competition at the Royal Smithfield Festival on Saturday 3 December, with a second team gaining the special prize. Overall seven teams from different Colleges across the Country competed in the competition.

Team B won the 1st prize. The members of the team were Jessica Rose, who is a third year BSc (Hons) Animal Science student, Emma Reggione, a second year FDSc Farm Livestock Production student, Ingunn Hetland, who is a second year BSc (Hons) Animal Science, and Benjamin Leacox, a second year BSc (Hons) Animal Science with Farm Livestock Production.

Team A won the Special Prize for their contribution to the competition. Team members were Natasha Evans third year BSc (Hons) Animal Science with Farm Livestock Production student, Susan Lawson third year BSc (Hons) Animal Science with Farm Livestock Production student, Victoria Sherwin first year BSc (Hons) Agriculture student and Louise Mayhook first year BSc (Hons) Agriculture student.

The majority of the students in both teams (apart from Jessica and Ingunn) are specialising in Farm Livestock production undertaking the six specific livestock modules coordinated by academics - Dr Richard Cooke & Dr Nicola Blackie.

Dr Richard Cooke commented: “Over their three years of studying at Writtle College, students will cover many areas that related to topics covered in the competition at the Smithfield festival including: in their first year an Introduction to Livestock and Production systems, and Farm livestock Management. In their second year Health and Welfare of Farmed Animals, and Livestock Science and Technology. While in their third and final year they will focus on Linking Science and Management (Livestock), and Contemporary Issues in Livestock Production.”

Richard went on to say: “All the students are enthusiastic volunteers on the College Farm whenever needed, with a number of the 3rd year students all undertaking livestock related dissertations.”

Pictured: Team B L-R Emma Reggione, Ben Leacox, Ingunn Hetland, Jessica Rose