Celebrating Climate Week at Writtle College

March 2011

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

This week during the inaugural National Climate Week (21-27 March), visiting lecturers, from Germany and The Netherlands came to the College for talks on developing a new Conservation Department involving Writtle College, Eberswalde University of Sustainable Development, and Foundation of Success (a trans-continental conservation organisation).

During the visit a charter for the newly proposed international conservation centre - "Econics and Systemic Conservation" - was drawn up. The centre will be governed by three directors: Professor P Ibisch, I Tilder, and Dr Dr P R Hobson, Course Manager MSc Conservation Management at Writtle College.

The centre will involve collaborative work from the three institutes including research, conservation training and consultancy.

Objectives and direction for the new centre:

• To promote research activity into biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in context of climate change;

• To grow and develop the centre as an international training provider in Adaptive Conservation Management;

• To grow and develop consultancy in the area of conservation and sustainable development.

The guests lecturers Professor P Ibisch from Eberswalde University of Sustainability; and Ms Ilke Tilder (European Officer) from Foundation of Success (International conservation charity), while visiting the College also presented papers to Higher Education Conservation students.

Professor Pierre Ibisch’s paper was about an adaptive strategy for dealing with global biodiversity loss and climate change. Pierre has spent the last four years working in partnership with international conservation organisations and government departments in various parts of the world tackling large scale biodiversity problems.

Ilke Tilders presented a paper looking at case studies in adaptive management strategies for biodiversity conservation in the face of global change.

Continuing with the Climate Change theme Dr P R Hobson Course Manager MSc Conservation Management, will be delivering a paper at the British Ecological Society annual conference (28 – 30 March) which is this year focusing on the subject of Forests and climate change. This paper is joint authorship with Professor Ibisch.

Pictured: Professor Pierre Ibisch, Ilke Tilders, and Dr Peter Hobson outside the Northumberland Lecture Theatre – Writtle College


Work/ research from the directors of the international conservation centre - "Econics and Systemic Conservation"

• (2010) produced a comprehensive technical series (54) for Convention for Biological Diversity titled "Interdependence of Biodiversity & Development under Global Change"

• Jointly chairing academic seminar as well as running work shops and delivering papers at the next European Congress for Conservation Biology, hosted by Glasgow University, 2012

• Awaiting confirmation for delivering a couple of papers at the European Union work shop on forests and Climate change in Vilm, Germany