Writtle School of Design to present at Liverpool Tate

February 2011

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

FdA Digital Art and Design Course Manager, Ruth Catlow, will be presenting a 30 minute introduction to a panel discussion chaired by Will Gompertz (BBC Arts Correspondent) about the influence of Nam June Paik on contemporary Media Art.

Ruth's presentation is described as follows:

"For his first solo show in Wuppertal 1963 Nam June Paik attached pieces of audio tape to the gallery wall to create a chaotic network drawing. Visitors to the exhibition were invited to run an audio-head along the tape in any order and tempo to create their own sound compositions. In the 50 years since the making of 'Random Access' audiences have encountered and participated in a thriving Media Arts culture where artists create inversions of control and playfully hack specialist and popular digital technologies and networks- just like Paik."

This event will be taking place at Liverpool Tate on 18th February and features lots of high profile names from the industry.