October 2010

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Six Level 3 floristry diploma students have be praised for their striking floral display at a Church in the parish of Writtle. Students decorated one of the church windows for a harvest festival held over the weekend of 3 October.

The students involved enjoyed the practical experience of creating two large asymmetrical designs with a selection of flowers and autumnal foliages. The group said: “It’s great to get hands on experience and complete large scale work for the church."

Residents of Writtle village said: “We are pleased that the floristry unit at the College has returned to decorating the window of the Church as it had done before for many years. Maybe 2010 is the continuation of the 30 year old Harvest Festival tradition of floral displays in the church of Writtle by Writtle College students.”

Harvest festival is an annual celebration in the UK, where thanks is offered out for successful harvests – a tradition on-going since pagen times.