August 2010

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

The British Equestrian Federation will be holding one of its 15 national evaluation events for high quality young sports horses and ponies at Writle’s Cow Watering Lane Campus Horse Unit on Tuesday 24 August 10’ between 8am and 6pm.

Over 60 young horses are currently entered for this event at Writtle, including three of the College's homebred progeny (a foal, a yearling and a three year old) from Lordships Stud, and also two privately owned horses who are being prepared for the event by Writtle staff and students.

The well established Baileys Horse Feeds / BEF futurity series evaluates foals, yearlings, two year old and three year old sports horses and ponies for their future potential in the disciplines of Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing and Endurance. The key aims of the series, which this year will assess over 900 horses, are:

1. To find potential elite international horses for British riders to win medals with.

2. To improve the quality and breeding of British bred horses and ponies by offering informative detailed feedback from a vet and a team of three evaluators.

3. To provide accurate pedigree and results information for breeders to use, regarding successful bloodline combinations.

4, To enable breeders to use the Futurity scores as credible marketing tool for their young horses, adding value to a young horse whilst it is still too young to have achieved a performance record.

Amy Mills, Lecturer in Equine Breeding and Reproduction, has also recently been invited to participate as a trainee evaluator (List 3 Evaluator) in the Futurity Evaluations, and will be attending the Writtle evaluation and five other Futurity events this summer in this capacity.

Tracey Coop, who is about to graduate with a BSc (Hons) Equine Breeding and Stud Management, is also currently working for the British Equestrian Federation as a Graduate Intern on their new media networking (Facebook and Twitter). Tracey said "working for the BEF is giving me a fantastic opportunity to see how such a big equine organisation runs, and this will give my CV a real boost, whilst allowing me to build on my skills and broader knowledge of the equine industry. Now Writtle has been selected as a host venue for such a large event as the BEF Futurity, I am in a very fortunate position, as this will give me great insight into how an event like this is run".

The Baileys Horse Feeds / BEF Futurity event at The Horse Unit, Cow Watering Campus on Tuesday 24 August 10’ (8am - 6pm) is free to spectators, and all staff and students are very welcome to attend.

For further information on the catalogue, entries, timings and results for the event please visit