Enhancements to our Equine Training and Development Centre

May 2022

Image for press release - A drone view photo taken of Writtle University Colleges green campus and the surrounding area
(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Thank you to all well-wishers, including our current and former students, who have shared their congratulations following Lordships Graffalo's outstanding result at Badminton this month. Hermes, as he was called during his time with us, is loved by all those who have worked with him and we're delighted to see horses bred by our Lordships Stud fulfilling their potential.

Writtle University College's priority is, and always will be, to provide the best possible education for our students and offer opportunities that prepare them for careers in their chosen sectors.

To optimise the use of the facilities at our disposal, and in line with student demand, Writtle University College has taken the business decision to absorb our stud facility into our dedicated Equine Training and Development Centre.

We will continue to offer our students opportunities to work with young horses as part of our behaviour and breeding modules, the only significant change being that we will no longer have a unit suitable for foaling mares and will therefore not produce foals on-site after the end of this academic year.

Following a full consultation, our valued Stud staff members are moving into new roles within the refocused equine facility. Our two pony stallions will also continue to be cared for at our Equine Centre. Livery horses affected by the change to facilities have been given a period of notice to enable arrangements for alternative accommodation.

Our new facility will provide increased grazing and will give more students the opportunity to bring their own horses to university. The expansion of our equine campus allows us to utilise our extensive facilities to strengthen industry partnerships and offer additional student-led events and commercial opportunities.

We look forward to offering an outstanding student experience at our newly expanded Equine Training and Development Centre and hope to be cheering Lordships Graffalo on at the World Equestrian Games in the autumn and Paris in 2024.