WUC takes part in the Big Litter Challenge

November 2021

Image for press release - Hedgehog in leaves
(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Each year, litter poses a serious risk to wildlife around the UK. Hedgehogs can become fatally injured when trapped in plastic bags, drink cans, tins and other discarded waste.

This autumn, The British Hedgehog Preservation Society's Hog Friendly Campus campaign is encouraging students members to make a difference.

The Big Hog Friendly Litter Pick Challenge takes place from 20th September to 29th November.

Campaign members will be supporting wildlife by cleaning up their campuses and the local. Staff, students and local communities are all invited to get involved.

On November 17th, The Writtle University College's Hedgehog Friendly team will rise to the challenge. They'll join forces with the Horticulture Society and Gaia Club make Writtle's large countryside estate safer for wildlife.

Hedgehog Champion, Darren Veitch,said: "Thank you to everyone who offered to take part in the Litter Pick Challenge on November 17th. Britain's hedgehog population is in decline and has been listed as "Vulnerable" on our red list of mammals. Cleaning up litter is just one way to protect hedgehogs.

"There are plenty of other steps you can take to look after wildlife, even in your own back garden. At this time of year, hedgehogs may use leaf litter piles as day nests, or will start to hibernate when the temps are sustained below 8 degrees. Please take care when tidying up, or better still, why not leave a pile of leaves in the corner for hibernating hogs!"

Students and staff interested in taking part in the litter pick should meet at the HE Study Hub at 12.15 on Wednesday 17th November. All equipment will be provided.