Chris Chipatiso’s new farm stars in ITV documentary

October 2021

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Former Writtle University College agriculture student, Chris Chipatiso, has been featured in the new programme, Our Land. The documentary was created by filmmaker Alexandra Genova as part of ITV's Black, British and Breaking Boundaries series.

The programme shows Chris' search for suitable land and the challenges he faced when launching a farm. He said "As a black person in the UK there is a bit of a stigma that farming isn't a profession that you're meant to be doing."

Chris worked as a carer after receiving a qualification from Writtle University College but was determined to achieve his dream to become a farmer.

He decided to create an aquaponics system, as it allowed him to gain high, nutritious yields in a competitively small space. He said: "I've had to think creatively around the difficulties of obtaining land. At the moment, the current option I have is to set up at home."

By adding a professional aquaponics system to his family home, Chris was able start Bluestream Aquaponics Farm. He's now producing strawberries and microgreens, including pea and basils, and iceberg and romaine lettuce, which will be sold to restaurants and select stores.

All of Chris' produce is organic and he hopes to be a driving force for sustainable farming.

He said: "Whether it's aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics, or vertical farming, these methods will be the answer to a lot of the issues we face in today's society and our environment which is precious to our future, so yes, sustainable farming is the way to go."

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