Writtle University College opens Pet Behaviour Clinic

October 2021

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Writtle University College has announced the launch of a new Pet Behaviour Clinic. The clinic, which specialises in dog training and pet behaviour counselling, is held weekly within specialist facilities on Kings Lodge Campus.

Sessions are overseen by lecturer and canine behaviourist, Debbie Emmerson, and take place at the University College's dedicated canine building, which includes quiet, pet-friendly counselling spaces and dog training paddocks.

Debbie Emmerson said: "We're delighted to open our new clinic. Canine welfare is of the highest importance to us and our team is pleased to be benefitting the local area by sharing our expertise with clients. We have received excellent feedback from pet owners and our students enjoy observing a commercial clinic in a professional environment."

Jaime Finch, Head of Equine at Writtle University College, has been bringing her Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy, Stitch, to the Clinic. She said: "This is a fabulous opportunity for me to socialise my puppy with exceptional oversight from a qualified canine behavourist. It provides an excellent opportunity for our students' learning and professional practice development."

Writtle University College's Animal Science and Animal Management Pet Behaviour and Welfare courses prepare students for employment in a range of roles that involve working closely with companion animals. The programmes are based on the academic requirements for the standards set by the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) for Animal Trainers, Animal Training Instructors, Animal Behaviour Technicians and Clinical Animal Behaviourists.

For more information on the courses please visit www.writtle.ac.uk. Enquiries regarding the Pet Behaviour Clinic should be addressed to petbehaviourclinic@writtle.ac.uk