WUC and Bodyswaps celebrate virtual reality success!

June 2021

Image for press release - Writtle University College Further Education equine lecturer, Stephanie Key with five students
(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Writtle University College in Essex has been trialling groundbreaking new technology.  It is one of five Further Education colleges to have taken part in Bodyswaps' latest career development simulations.

Bodyswaps is a soft skills learning solution that allows learners to practise challenging situations and conversations. With support from a grant received from Ufi VocTech Trust, the company has developed an immersive experience to help students gain interview and communication skills in a safe, realistic virtual reality (VR) environment. Participants received valuable feedback from their careers advisor using Bodyswap's Careers App.

The trial discovered that 73 percent of students who used the system were able to identify for areas improvement for their own professional communication skill. 78 percent would like to learn more skills using VR simulations.

Further Education lecturer, Stephanie Key, says: "Bodyswaps gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves into a situation that might be stressful or alien to them and have a practice run through, to tackle any obstacles. It encourages skills like self-reflection, which students often struggle with, and gives them the chance to see themselves from another perspective. I think the VR aspect is a great opportunity for us to take advantage of the constantly evolving technology available and it gives our courses a competitive edge and a unique selling point."