Equine herpesvirus is an international threat, warns lecturer

April 2021

Image for press release - Dr Romain Paillot

Senior lecturer in Equine Science, Dr Romain Paillot, has warned of the growing threat posed by equine herpesvirus.

The widely-found virus can induce severe diseases in equids, with effects including but not limited to, respiratory infection, abortion or neurological disease.

Endemic in most countries, it remains a major threat to the equine industry worldwide. As an international expert in the field of equine infectiology and vaccinology, Dr Paillot is working to raise awareness of the global risks.

In April 2021, he addressed the topic of equine herpesvirus vaccination with an audience of around 350 veterinary professionals, as part of a panel discussion hosted by the French Equine Practitioner Association (AVEF). Dr Paillot was also invited to deliver a virtual presentation on the hazards to members of the Veterinary Technical Group of Morocco (GTVM).

He commented: "raising awareness about this disease and the prevention measures that could be implemented (i.e. biosecurity, testing and vaccination) is of the outmost importance."

One of the most serious outbreaks reported in recent years occurred in February in Spain during an international horse jumping competition that involved around 750 horses. In order to limit the spread of the disease, the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) has cancelled all European events and competitions until at least mid-April.