Alumnus in the Spotlight: Joshua Allen

March 2021

Image for press release - Writtle University College graduate Joshua Allen

Joshua Allen graduated from Writtle University College (WUC) in 2017 with a BSc (Hons) in Horticulture. He is now the Growing Manager for Liberty Produce, a farming technology company, that provides industry-leading solutions to the food security crisis.

Joshua's degree was the first step towards a new career. His studies: "offered me the opportunity to delve down various rabbit holes that strengthened my knowledge in the specific areas I wanted to pursue."

Prior to joining WUC, Joshua had enjoyed several career paths, working as a carpenter in London, a recruitment consultant in Amsterdam and a VIP bet broker between London, Hong Kong and Macau.

Studying horticulture gave Joshua a chance to reconnect with his long-running interest in horticulture and nature. He explained: "I returned to the childhood fascination I had with the natural world and the way it works. Horticulture had always been there, bubbling away in the background, and it was time to bring it to the forefront so I could practice my passion daily."

"Writtle was the first step on my journey. It has good industry contacts and a strong reputation. I'll never stop learning and my degree gave me the understanding and the starting point I needed."

Joshua wanted to put his new knowledge and skills into practice. After graduation, he built his own horticultural consultancy business and developed expertise in indoor farming.

He now works for Liberty Produce, a company that builds technology to enable the growth of local produce year-round, using fully-controlled indoor vertical farming systems.

He said: "As a horticulturist, the development of the vertical farming industry has always been on my radar. I joined Liberty to assist with the development of the LED technology for high value crops."

"My role is quite unique and I'm really lucky that I get to be part of technology development and growing trials with different plants. I'm also able to connect with new, like-minded people."