Leading living wall company Biotecture welcomed to WUC

March 2021

Image for press release - Matt Lindsay, Biotecture
(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

On March 4th, horticulture students at Writtle University College benefited from a virtual guest lecture from Biotecture, the UK's leading living wall company. The organisation transforms urban environments to promote the wellbeing of people and planet.

Since its foundation in 2007 Biotecture have been at the forefront of transforming urban spaces by designing, installing and maintaining living wall projects both across the UK and abroad.

Product Manager Matt Lindsay, introduced students to recent flagship projects such as Wimbledon Court No. 1 and the living wall constructed in Ashford Shopping Centre in Kent - one of the largest example of its type in Western Europe at over 2,000m2.

Living walls can drastically improve the public realm by reducing negative effects of urban living, such as air pollution and urban heat island effect.

Biotecture's innovative hydroponic rain screen cladding system allows buildings and spaces to be transformed, thanks to pre-grown, planted modules that are fixed back to a building's facade.

Each wall is designed to bring nature back into urban environments, and helping to succeed in Biotecture's mission of reconnecting people with nature.

Senior Lecturer in Crop Production, Dr Kambiz (Kami) Baghalian, said: "We were delighted to welcome Matt Lindsay. Biotecture's work combines cutting-edge technology and a dedication to sustainability. As always, we are pleased to offer students the opportunity to connect with leading industry members."

Matt Lindsay of Biotecture added: "It was fantastic talking to students at the Writtle University College about the benefits of urban greening and the types of projects Biotecture have been involved with. It was really encouraging to hear of the interest that students had in embracing green infrastructure that in turn will help to shape a more sustainable future for our urban spaces."

Find out more at www.biotecture.uk.com