Webinar works to overcome the challenges of food production

February 2021

Image for press release - Webinar poster, Examining food production systems and identifying skills gaps
(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Writtle University College is delighted to announce the next instalment within its popular webinar series, produced in partnership with Liberty Produce.

'Examining food production systems and identifying skills gaps' takes place on February 24th. It is second of three virtual events, all focusing on major issues facing global food production systems and the transformations we can expect to see in the immediate future.

February's webinar will be chaired by Agri-TechE's Fiona Rust, with presentations from Dan Hewitt, Head of Agriculture and Sustainability from Kettle Foods UK, and Steven Winterbottom, Managing Director of Tozer Seeds.

Fiona Rust works as Agri-TechE's Events and Young Innovators' Forum Co-Ordinator. She promotes cooperation between farmers, researchers and tech developers to accelerate innovation.

Fiona explained: "Collaboration and idea sharing offers us a way forward as we are able to bring together people and organisations to help further develop our sector and find the answers to challenges that we are facing. From experience we see how small conversations can lead to the big things."

Benita Rajania, Product Director at Liberty Produce, said: "The aim of teaming up with WUC for this webinar series was to bring together stakeholders from across food production to start a conversation around the transformation of the industry. We are delighted to host Dan Hewitt of Kettle Chips and Steven Winterbottom of Tozer Seeds, both pioneering companies, as they share their thoughts on collaboration and the agricultural/horticultural revolution."

The webinar will investigate challenges faced by the industry and discuss strategies for training and recruiting skilled personnel. A Q&A session with the speakers will take place at the end of the presentations.

Sponsorship is provided by EIRA, a groundbreaking project that supports innovation in the East of England.

Visit Writtle University College's website to book your place:


The event will be free-of-charge, in line with WUC and Liberty Produce's ongoing commitment to education and knowledge-sharing.