Student launches exhibition at WUC

March 2020

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Contemporary Art and Design student, Susan Day, will launch an exciting new exhibition on March 17th. 'Writtle's Forgotten Books' will be displayed in Writtle University College's (WUC's) library. The twenty volumes are usually kept within WUC's on-site archives.

Susan Day says: "As someone who is hoping to do a master's degree in Journalism after I leave Writtle, I am interested in the story of the college. These books paint a picture of life as an agricultural student in the late Victorian era.

"All of these books could have been part of the college library from its very inception in 1893. In returning them to the library under glass, there is a sense in which I am bringing them full circle."

Susan will be managing the entire project, and taking photographs of each step, as part of the Contemporary Art and Design degree's Personal Skills module. The books, which will be on display until May, include work from William Camden, John Lawrence, Duhamel Du Monceau, Arthur Young, Thomas Mawe and John Abercrombie. They will be exhibited in small groups and rotated regularly. Students and staff will need to visit the exhibition several times over a period of weeks, to see every volume.