Three-Day Equine Behaviour Event at Writtle University College

September 2019

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Writtle University College is proud to be hosting three days of equine events on 27th, 28th and 29th September. Renowned experts Lucy Rees and Justine Harrison will be sharing their expertise in a series of inspirational talks and demonstrations.

On Friday 27th, Lucy will visit Writtle University College for a one-day lecture, focusing on her lifetime of scientific study and hands-on experience. Lucy is known for her work as an equine ethologist, horse trainer and author. She says: “Why is equine ethology so important? For the horseperson, the study of feral horse behaviour is the basis for understanding why domestic horses behave as they do and whether we are treating them appropriately. We have a lot to learn, not just about them but from them. Inside every domestic horse is a feral one with the same certainly about how life should be lived.”

Visitors to the lecture will learn more about Lucy’s latest book, Horses in Company. Lucy’s in-depth study of the social relations of horses in the wild asks how the need for collective defence against predators shaped horses’ characteristic behaviour and reactions.

On Saturday 28th Equine Behaviour Consultant, Justine Harrison, joins Lucy Rees for the Equine Behaviour Forum’s Annual seminar.

Justine’s lecture, ‘Notes from the Field,’ will focus on the practice of horse behaviour consulting. Justine will analyse her last 100 cases to reveal common behavioural issues, patterns and trends in management and training. She will also review several real-life case studies of different behaviour problems.

In the afternoon, Lucy Rees will offer two sessions on various subjects, including her book, “Horses in Company”.

On Sunday 29th, visitors will be treated to yet another outstanding equine event. Justine Harrison will return for Understanding Your Horse; a one day introduction to horses and body language. Guests will benefit from presentations as well as observational exercises with horses. Justine aims to offer improved understanding of how horses behave and new practical skills to help keep, manage and train your own horse.

A Lecture With Lucy takes place on Friday 27th September from 9.30am to 3.15pm in Writtle University College’s Northumberland Centre. Tickets are free for Writtle University College’s students and £65 for non-students (low income concessions available). Click here to book your place .

The equine Behaviour Forum’s Annual Seminar on Saturday 28th September takes place from 10.30am to 16.30pm. Entry is free to Writtle University College’s students and members, and £20 for non-members. Click here to learn more.

Understanding Your Horse take place on Sunday 29th September from 10am to 5pm. Writtle University College students can buy tickets for the reduced price of £50. Other tickets are priced at £65. Click here for more information.