Further Education Art Exhibition at Writtle College

June 2015

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

From a superhero installation to patterned phone cases; a textile seascape to magazine covers exploring body image – the Further Education art, design and photography students at Writtle College have put on a thought-provoking end of year exhibition of their work.

The exhibition was held in the College’s Northumberland Lecture Theatre and included a range of media including painting, graphic design, textiles, drawing, installation, sculpture and printing.

Students on the two-year Extended Diploma in Art and Design and the one-year Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, as well as photography courses, were showcasing their work.

Among them were:

Caleb Williams

Extended Diploma in Art and Design

Destination: University Arts London - Technical arts and special effects


When carrying out work experience at Madame Tussauds, Caleb was inspired to create a sculpture of the Marvel character Iron Man. He said: “For my final piece I am trying to show a dirty and forgotten Iron Man shell being resurrected and the way I’m showing this is by having the shell come out a manhole cover.”

Tania Chunny

Extended Diploma in Art and Design

Destination: Writtle College

Textural shore

Tania was inspired by the Fashion on the Ration exhibition at the Imperial War Museum and the use of recyclable materials. She said: “The thought of sustainability influenced me to work in an environmental manner by reusing materials and exploring sustainable techniques that are useful to my idea. My theme for this project is based on natural form. I chose to look into the environmental issues of the sea, linking it to the use of recycled materials.”

Eleanor Cruickshank

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Destination: Nottingham Trent University – Fashion Management

Seasonal Bloom

Eleanor drew her inspiration from the seasons and has created a garment that evokes summer: the feelings, flowers, events and colours. She said: “I have chosen to work with these fabrics as they are all light and have movement. I wanted my garment to flow and not be held in one position. I have been inspired by the work of Mary Katrantzou and Alexander McQueen; their work incorporates lots of prints and making an atmosphere from the garment. Through my garment I am trying to achieve the feeling of summer, the freedom and sense of fun that you get in the summer time.”

Art and Design Course Manager and Lecturer Jenny-wren Price said: “Students enjoyed a successful exhibition of their work, demonstrating their diverse talents and exciting destinations.

“We have students going on to study at Coventry University, Fine Art and Illustration courses at the University of Lincoln, Fashion Management at Nottingham Trent University, Visual Communication and Illustration at London Communication College, Graphic Communication at University of Chester, Graphic Illustration at University of Suffolk, Technical Arts and Special Effects at University Arts London, and Art and Design degrees here at Writtle College.

“As well as giving the students opportunities in higher education, the courses have given them the skills and confidence to start their careers, whether that is as a fashion stylist intern, multimedia designer in America, Fashion Buyer Assistant in London or setting up their own businesses. We wish them every success in the future!”