Further Education Art Exhibition at Writtle College

June 2014

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

From a fashion magazine to photographs of decayed buildings; a 1960s style wedding dress to Pop Art posters advertising a horse charity – the Further Education art, design and photography students at Writtle College have put on a stunning end of year exhibition of their work.

The showcase of creativity was held in the College’s glasshouses and included a range of media from cartoons, fine art painting, graphic design, textiles, drawing and printing.

Art and Design Course Manager and Lecturer Jenny-wren Price said: “Students enjoyed a successful exhibition of their work, demonstrating their diverse talents and exciting destinations.

“We have students going on to study Creative Computing at Goldsmiths University, Fashion Buying at Westminster University, Pattern Cutting at the London College of Fashion, Graphics at the University of East London, Illustration and Animation at Portsmouth University, Animation at Bournemouth University, Fine Art at London Metropolitan and the BA (Hons) Contemporary Art and Design here at Writtle College. This shows how the Further Education Art and Design courses at Writtle College are giving students the chance to develop their skills to the highest level and we will enjoy following their progress!”

Among those exhibiting were:

Grace Clinton

Now going to study Creative Computing at Goldsmiths University

Grace looked at the theme of urban decay in her work, Decaying Memories. She took photographs of dilapidated and abandoned buildings to show how even though they were empty and abused they had a new atmosphere.

She said: “With these images I was trying to show an alternative to stereotypical abandoned buildings - ‘creepy’, falling down, associated with robberies, drugs, graffiti and local people petitioning for them to be demolished - and instead show them for what they are: beautiful, old buildings, which are man-made and just disused, making them hurt, neglected and in need of life to fill them. These images aim to show this, just the shells of the buildings, shadows of their former selves, left to rot.”

Laura Rose

Now going to study a Fashion Buying Management degree at Westminster University

Laura created a fashion magazine and website, Bold, aimed at young women between the ages of 18 and 25.

She said: “My magazine includes an interview with ASOS, an article about what it is like to be gay in 2014, a fashion shoot that I directed and photographed, ‘must have’ trends for this season, and my top five favourite Instagram blogs. I have also created a corresponding website that includes all the content of the magazine.”

Martha Barr

Now going to study Fashion Pattern Cutting at London College of Fashion

Martha created a 1960s-style wedding dress made from medium-weight duchess satin and lace, inspired by her grandparents’ wedding day.

She said: “After looking at a whole range of influences from 60s fashion and music to present day designers, I found the style I wanted to use - I wanted to bring the 60s into the present day.

“I designed the wedding dress and created a pattern to fit my body shape; from the pattern I have created a toile out of calico. I did this to make sure the dress pattern worked and was the right size. From the toile, I have created a final wedding dress using all the couture dressmaking techniques to make sure I have a stunning dress at the end. I wanted the dress to be simple but elegant so this is why I added the lace trim to give the dress some detail and break up the satin fabric.”