Garden design students collaborate on greenhouse art installation

March 2014

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Landscape Architecture and Garden Design students from Writtle College have collaborated on an unusual greenhouse art installation at the RHS London Plant and Design Show.

The students – PhD student JoonKyu Lee, Masters student Jon Hayati, and undergraduates Junhyn Wang and Jihyeon Park – helped run the interactive installation called the Design Debate Station.

Created by Cityscapes in collaboration with the College and others, the greenhouse art installation encouraged visitors to think about the question ‘what is garden design?’

The students interacted with visitors and asked them to actively participate in discussions about the substance of garden design and how it shapes the world around us, as well as the relationships between places, people and plants.

Each external wall of the greenhouse posed a different question for visitors to consider and they could then write their opinions and insights on the walls of the greenhouse, so it filled up with thought-provoking graffiti throughout the two-day show last month (21 and 22 February).

At the end of the show all the responses – including those Tweeted and also put on the greenhouse – were analysed, documented and utilised for future display.

JoonKyu Lee, 39, originally from South Korea, said: “I was really pleased to meet and talk to other people; debating and discussing always gives me inspiration. Many people told me their opinion of gardens, garden design and gardening, which helps me to understand where I am as a garden designer and garden heritage researcher.”

Junhyun Wang, 21, from South Korea, said: “It was interesting to see those brilliant comments on the greenhouse. It was good to see how people of different ages and from different areas think about garden design.”