Major public art project being launched in Southend

July 2013

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Ruth Catlow, Head of Writtle School of Design, is launching a major public art project in Southend on Saturday 13 July.

Play Southend is an online game for anyone to draw and play the future of their town.

The new project - by artists Ruth Catlow and Mary Flanagan - is launching live at the Village Green festival in Southend on Sea, as first in a series of Play Your Place games.

People create their own game level for Play Southend, by making a drawing of places in the town. Then they think about how it could be changed for the better. They devise their own rules, drawing obstacles and rewards; building and sharing game level after level for an epic play session.

In the past few months, school groups and local residents of all ages and backgrounds have been creating their first levels in the game, working together for the improved health and prosperity of all.


Saturday 13 July 2013

11am to 9pm

Village Green Festival

Chalkwell Park

Southend on Sea

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