MARISCO Workshop at Writtle College

April 2013

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

On the 19th April, Jake Sales, Head of Conservation at the Wilderness Foundation, led a MARISCO workshop with the 19+ 90 Credit Diploma in Animal Management students at the Titchmarsh Centre. The students had to put themselves in the shoes of farmers, house builders, local residents, environmental activists, fishermen and rambling groups in a multi-stakeholder threat analysis workshop. The students systematically recorded the progress as a network diagram which is still on display in TC35 for the time being.

“Whether it is for a nature reserve, a zoo or a new housing estate, at some point you will be called upon to make sense of a complex multi-stakeholder situation. Learning how to systematically listen to everyone and formulate strategies to overcome conflicts is an important workplace skill for the students to have.” - Jake Sales