New sports laboratory at Writtle College

February 2013

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

A new sports laboratory for practicals, research and the testing of elite and recreational athletes has opened at Writtle College.

The sports laboratory has been upgraded and moved to the Rural Business Centre on the Writtle College Lordship campus.

With extensive views over Writtle, the Centre for Exercise and Health can now match a wide range of laboratory testing with one of the best locations on the campus.

The centre boasts two treadmills, three bike ergometers, a road bike fitted with a set of SRM power cranks, a rowing machine and an arm crank ergometer.

Physiological assessments such as lactate analysis, oxygen consumption (VO2) and gaseous exchange, power output, electromyography (EMG), red blood cell count, heart rate and hydration status can all be undertaken as can body compositional analysis to include skinfold caliper measurements, bioelectrical impedance and somatotyping.

Greg Deacon, Lecturer in Sports and Exercise Performance, said: “The new sports lab provides a valued space for the teaching of full sports science practical sessions, for dissertation research and for modular student-led practical-based assignments.

“This facility also opens up the possibility of testing elite and recreational athletes wishing to understand their fitness status, plan training more effectively, set heart rate zones and monitor improvements to their training. Elite coaches and athletes understand training at the right intensity and monitoring performance is essential if they want to reach peak performance and the new sports laboratory will provide the opportunity for professional performance testing conducted by experienced sports scientists to be undertaken on an extensive range of equipment in order to take the athlete to the next level.”