Mare grading and young horse show case

July 2012

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

In September, for the first time in six years Writtle College will be hosting a mare grading event in conjunction with Sport Horse Breeding Great Britain (SHB GB). The event will be held at Writtle College’s Equine Training & Development Centre at the Cow Watering Campus and will be supported by a number of students and staff.

Five broodmares from the College’s Lordships Stud will be presented at the event, and these include two who were bred at the College stud.

Mare owners from across the region are invited to present their broodmares at the event, subject to eligibility. Further details can be found at

In the evening there will be an opportunity for breeders to showcase their young horses. Writtle College’s Lordships Stud will be displaying progeny, past and present, and invites spectators to come along and enjoy the evening.

Amy Mills, Lecturer in Equine Science and a Breeding & Reproduction Specialist, commented: “We are inviting breeders and owners to show off their young horses to other sport horse breeders and interested parties. There will be no judges, and no qualifications required to enter, as it is aimed as a shop window to raise awareness of the quality of young horses available locally.”

There will be no entry fee to the young horse evening event, but donations will be welcomed to cover running costs. Download an entry form, or for further information please contact 01245 420 334. The evening event for showing young horses will start at 6.30pm.

Both the mare grading and the young horse showing event will be held at Writtle College’s Equine Training & Development Centre at Cow Watering Campus on 22 September 2012. Please visit the SHB (GB) for further details of the mare grading and to enter your eligible mare


Info on the SHB GB mare grading event

Writtle College is proud to host a SHB (GB) mare grading this autumn at the Equine Training & Development Centre.

To be eligible to grade your mare with the SHB (GB) your mare must:

• Be 148cm or above.

• Be three years old or over.

• Submit a sample for a DNA test, for which the owner is liable for the cost once accepted into any of the Stud Books.

• Be registered on the SHB(GB) Basic Identity Register, or be in possession of a passport issued by a recognised organisation.

• Be owned by a current member of the SHB (GB).

Entry forms can be found at

There will be limited day stabling. To book please call 01245 424 226.