Student to feature alongside international acclaimed artists at gallery opening

January 2012

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Furtherfield, located in the heart of Finsbury Park London, will be opening a new public gallery in February this year. ‘Being Social’ will be the first exhibition, exploring how our lives - personal and political - are being shaped by digital technologies and Writtle School of Design student Liz Sterry will be displaying her work alongside internationally acclaimed artists.

Ruth Catlow, co-founder of Furtherfield and Head of Writtle School of Design commented: “When the installation called Kay's Blog was first shown by Liz as part of the Art and Design graduate exhibition last year, visitors found it a genuinely intriguing and creepy experience. They said it made them think in a whole new way about how they used social media and issues of privacy on the Internet. This is just one of the reasons we selected it for Being Social.”

Liz Sterry, from Chelmsford Essex, has studied at Writtle College since 2009 and is currently completing a BA (Hons) Art and Design Practice degree at the Writtle School of Design. As an artist Liz works using different mediums including performance photography, video and installations. Communication has become a key theme in her work, and she ‘aspires to make art that invites people to question what they think they already know’.

Furtherfield has established an international reputation as London's first gallery for networked media art since 2004. Ruth says: "With this exciting move to a more public space we are able to invite the public, artists and techies - amateurs, professionals, celebrated stars and private enthusiasts - to engage with the local and global, every day and epic themes in a process of imaginative collaboration and exchange.”

The Furtherfield public gallery, dedicated to art, technology and social change, will be displaying a series of exhibitions about network culture which alongside Essex based artist Liz Sterry will feature emerging and internationally acclaimed artists: Annie Abrahams, Karen Blissett, Ele Carpenter, Emilie Giles, moddr_,and Thomson and Craighead.

The ‘Being Social’ exhibition opening will take place on Saturday 25 February 2012, 1-4pm at Furtherfield Gallery, McKenzie Pavilion, Finsbury Park, London, N4 2NQ. For interested parties please RSVP by 17 February 2012 to


Pictured - Kay's blog, a part of Liz Sterry's work.

Info on Furtherfield Gallery Furtherfield has established an international reputation as London’s first gallery for networked media art, working in Haringey since 2004.

Four spaces - the park, the gallery, the common room, the www Furtherfield’s new gallery at McKenzie Pavilion is located in a highly animated area of Finsbury Park next to a boating pond and adventure playground, near to the café and athletics track. The richly connected diversity of people, creatures, plants, activities, enthusiasms alive in the park provides the context and the inspiration for Furtherfield. The pavilion has two rooms.

The Gallery, which will display evocative and provocative exhibitions of selected contemporary artwork that address technology and social change drawing on Furtherfield’s international network of artists. The Common Room, which will display work contributed by open call in response to exhibition themes, curated with local people. It will also act as the base for a series of free activities for local schools and visitors to the park. Finally the www connects local users to an international network of enthusiasts, experts and audiences. It provides a place for people to share their artworks, proposals, ideas and commentaries. It will also provide access to further information about exhibitions, including downloadable catalogues and essays, information about programmes of free events and activities, and a living archive of all past work. Furtherfield will exhibit the best of contemporary work in art, technology and social change in a truly ‘public’ space, developed with and for local residents and users of the park, and wider participants and audiences. Ultimately, we are looking for ways for local people and visitors to the park and from further afield to use this art space imaginatively together, and to connect with our international community of artists, designers, thinkers and technologists. Furtherfield- A living, breathing, thriving network for art, technology and social change since 1997