Equine Sports Therapy Student to ride at Olympia

November 2011

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Siobhan Gilligan, a third year undergraduate studying for her Equine Sports Therapy degree, has been selected to ride at Olympia by her Riding Club in Bury. After competing against nine national teams in selection trails at Aintree back in October, Siobhan will make up a team of four in the final.

The Bury British Riding Club Quadrille will be competing in the final against three riding clubs on Saturday 17 December at Olympia, International Horse Show. Siobhan and her Quadrille will be dressed up as British Royal Legion soldiers during their display in tribute to the 90th Anniversary of the Legion, and she commented: “the idea came to us last year after we drove back from the Olympia competition – it was the driver of our coach who suggested it to us and he gave us so much information on the good work of the British Royal Legion that we decided it would be a perfect theme for our 2011 display.”

Siobhan went on to say: “I feel so lucky to be one of the riders this year, last year I was a groom for the Quadrille team and so this year to be a rider is very exciting. I have a new horse and I wasn’t really sure how he would respond to the costume, but he has been really good. If all of our horses behave well on the day then I believe we have a good chance of winning.”

Siobhan, who will complete her undergraduate studies at Writtle College in May next year, spoke briefly about her hopes for the future: “Initially I wanted to go on to study at Masters level in Chiropractic’s, however I think now I would like to go into horse Laser Therapy. I have experience of working in this area already from working with a lady from my riding club.”

The London International Horse Show is to be held on 13-19 December 2011 at Olympia. Olympia is a fantastic Equestrian Christmas Party and it hosts World Cup qualifiers, equestrian Displays, a shopping village and a West End Christmas Finale.

“Now in its 16th year the British Riding Clubs Quadrille competition has become a colourful favourite at Olympia, each year the themes and costumes appear to be more ingenious and standard of riding ever better.” - British Riding Club.

The British Riding Club Quadrille competition is all about the costumes, the music, dressage movements and of course riding skills. Judges will award on appearance, content of programme, performance and general artistic impression. The competition successfully mixes precision riding with the spectacle of pantomime.

Pictured - Siobhan Gilligan with the Quadrille during trials at Aintree