Countryside work experience at Danbury Lakes

September 2011

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Rangers at Danbury Country Park will provide work experience for Writtle College students who started their studies at the College in September.

The College’s Countryside Management Course will benefit from a partnership with the parks team.

It follows recent success where students visited to learn more about rangers’ work and the benefit to wildlife and locals.

One project involved building a hibernaculum to provide a safe place for amphibians and reptiles to live in winter.

Countryside courses at Writtle College are taught at Further Education level. John Spencer is one of the lecturers who teaches on the programmes, and he said: “Students have been able to gain practical experience from this work experience as well as being able to offer the rangers the benefit of their practical skills learnt here at the College.”

Pictured: A newt pictured in the hibernaculum built by the College students.