Postgraduate Landscape Architecture student design project exhibition

March 2011

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Re-/In-/Forming Chelmsford: Design solutions for the Tindal and Market Squares

By the Writtle School of Design

24-26 March 2011, High Chelmer Shopping Centre Chelmsford


Writtle School of Design Master's Landscape Architecture Students will exhibit their design projects in Chelmsford's High Chelmer Shopping Centre on the 24-26th of March. The exhibition includes 10 full project boards and eight conceptual boards with 3d models displaying student projects produced in the postgraduate design module “Urban Territory Studio”. The exhibition displays a range of skills and creative ideas of students, and the way in which these can be applied to achieve innovative design outcomes and new modes of representation capturing the subject of urban landscape and its territory.

The sites “Tindal and Market Squares” were examined and a range of conceptual and theoretical approaches were developed and then applied. The result is a series of design outcomes that addresses site issues in territorial, urban and local scales, and tests pre-conceived design resolutions responding to specific demands and potentials of urban conditions. The existing theoretical body of knowledge to both urban design and local site design are developed further through planning and design form.

This exhibition provides an opportunity for viewing the work of the next generation of Landscape Architects that will shape the design form of our cities as complex cultural, social and ecological products and reinterpret the rapidly changing context for landscape in discussion of the contemporary city.