February 2010

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

On Tuesday 16 February, Beryl Wyatt from Writtle near Chelmsford, was honoured with an MBE at Buckingham Palace. She works as a gardening assistant at Writtle College and has done so for 40 years.

Beryl’s name was put forward to the Palace, for her services and contribution to Higher Education and it was announced on the New Years honours list that Beryl was to receive her MBE.

Beryl took the job at Writtle when she had a young family and enjoyed the job so much that even as they grew she decided to stay as a member of the gardening team.

When asked about her day at the Palace, Beryl said: “The day was such a wonderful experience and I especially enjoyed being able to share it with my son and daughter. It all went so fast, but fortunately I have lots of happy memories to remind me of the special day.”