Lecturer named Review Editor for Frontiers in Plant Science

November 2023

Image for press release - Dr Kami Baghalian holds a tray of plants

Dr Kami Baghalian, Writtle University College's (WUC's) Senior Lecturer in Crop Production, has been assigned as Review Editor for Frontiers in Plant Science, one of the most cited Plant Science journals.

Here at WUC, our academic staff contribute to the scientific community by evaluating and shaping the research in their relative field.

The findings of this work are shaping policy and professional practice - and feeding directly into our teaching, ensuring the courses our students take are at the leading edge.

Dr Kami Baghalian said: "I am delighted to support Frontiers in Plant Science. The journal is well respected for its work to advance our understanding of plant biology for sustainable food security, functional ecosystems and human health."

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