Regenerative agriculture graduates are the first in the UK

September 2023

Image for press release - Three people in graduation robes stand in front of an eco-friendly tractor

On Friday 8th September, the UK's first BSc (Hons) Regenerative Agriculture students celebrated their success at a well-attended graduation ceremony.

They are the first people in the country to complete the pioneering qualification, which was launched by Writtle University College in 2020.

The course responds to the importance and immediacy of the challenges facing global agriculture.

"Well done to our Class of 2023," said Writtle University College's Dr Anya Perera. "Our students are the thought-leaders of the future. They take a progressive approach to farming production systems that encompasses sustainable practice and responds to political, economic and scientific change."

The graduates were joined by distinguished guests, family, friends and honorary degree recipients, including former asylum seeker and organic growing advocate Kuda Chimbudzi.

Famous farmer and television presenter Jimmy Doherty took part in the ceremony, in his role as the University College's Chancellor. He congratulated the Class of 2023 on their achievements, saying:

 "The world needs people like you - graduates who are ready to shape our future. Whichever path you choose to take, I have no doubt you will continue to make the world a better place, both personally and professionally."

Regenerative agriculture students completed their course with an understanding of farm-level practices, the key principles of sustainability, the need for resilient food chains and the importance of mitigating the impact of climate change.

A number of graduates received trophies honouring outstanding individual achievements. Henry Etherington was presented with the Essex Agricultural Society's Award for the 'Best Agricultural Student' and the Worshipful Company of Farmers' Award for the 'Best Dissertation in the Agricultural Department'.

Henry said: "I would like to extend my congratulations to all my fellow graduates and express my gratitude to the agricultural and wider land-based studies team at Writtle University College.

"This team has successfully designed a course that addresses the pressing issues in national and global agriculture, both present and future. My experiences at Writtle have profoundly influenced my perspective on the agricultural industry and will undoubtedly continue to shape the decisions I make, as well as those of my fellow graduates, throughout our careers."

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