My Writtle Story: Hannah Mackenzie

May 2023

Image for press release - Hannah stands in a show ring next to a cow

MVetPhys Veterinary Physiotherapy student Hannah dreams of applying her skills in the agriculture sector while running her own business. 


What did you enjoy about your time at Writtle?

Spending my time at Writtle meant so much to me, it helped my passions become a reality. The small community feeling of campus felt homely, and the beautiful grounds make the whole experience wholesome.


What have been the highlights of your time at Writtle?

It is hard to name just a few highlights, but carrying out my own research in a topic of interest was very inspiring. My biggest highlight has to be my time spent in fourth year, the lecturers make the whole experience very inclusive and they always encourage you!

Although I am only graduating this year, I have plans to undertake the canine hydrotherapy course this summer, and set up my own Veterinary Physiotherapy business. As an avid cattle lover, I hope to integrate this practise into the agricultural world, which at present is a very niche topic!


Do you have any advice for future students?

Take every moment as it comes, you will get there in the end!


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