WUC implements livestock management software

May 2023

Image for press release - Six people stand on a tree lined path and smile at the camera

Further and higher education students at Writtle University College will put science into practice next term with the latest livestock management software.

On Thursday 10th May, AgriWebb visited the University College's campus to offer staff a hands-on introduction to the new technology.

AgriWebb is working in partnership with academics and students to investigate the opportunities Precision Sheep Management (PSM) can offer within regenerative agriculture.

This Spring, the University College added over a hundred lambs to its flock of North Country Mule ewes and New Zealand Romneys. The new software will be used to record performance data and inform management decisions.

The technology will be used by further and higher education students, increasing their understanding of cloud-based farm management software and providing skills increasingly sought-after by employers.

PSM will also benefit the University College's regenerative farm partners by assisting with the practice of rotational grazing.

Writtle University College's Dr Harriet Wishart said: "We're delighted to be working with AgriWebb and to research the results of precision sheep management. Our Knowledge Exchange partnership will provide opportunities for our students and industry partners, and ensure technologies are utilised to their maximum potential. We look forward to sharing our findings with the industry."

Students and staff will use an Electronic Identification (EID) stick reader to identify and input individual data. A weigh crate with digital weigh bars and three-way drafting will accurately monitor and manage animals, and a platemeter will monitor field biomass and inform grazing decisions.

Discoveries will be shared with the academic community and the agricultural sector and used to inform future decision making.

For information on Writtle University College's agriculture courses, visit writtle.ac.uk/agriculture.