Writtle counts down to equine event

August 2022

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Writtle University College is pleased to be welcoming a NEW equine event to its countryside campus. Understand Horses Live will take place on 3-4 September.

The activity-packed weekend is aimed at horse owners and equestrian professionals, with a special ten percent discount available for Writtle University College students.

The event features demonstrations, training workshops and lectures from an international panel of experts.

Saturday's lecture day will be packed with information on a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Rosa Verwijs: the effect of feed on behaviour
  • Robin Foster: assessing and training basic behaviours
  • Justine Harrison: humane horse training
  • Trudi Dempsey: errorless learning
  • Emma Lethbridge: the effect of human psychology on horse training
  • Sophie Hill: potential equine stressors and physiological responses to stress
  • Robin Foster: co-operative care with horses
  • Lauren Fraser: 'constructional approaches' to address unwanted behaviours

Sunday will feature demos and training workshops on a wide range of practical subjects, including:

  • Trudi Dempsey & Sooz Foster: stress-free clicker training
  • Justine Harrison: assessing a horse's 'emotional thresholds'
  • Holly Gallacher: physiotherapeutic groundwork for a sound and healthy horse
  • Sooz Foster: human skills needed for training horses
  • Sophie Hill: how to assess lameness
  • Trudi Dempsey & Sooz Foster: practical tips for creating a calm mounting experience
  • Rosa Verwijs & Abigail Allen: creative enrichment - effective ways to improve horses' environment
  • Sam Osborn: co-op care for needle phobia in horses.
  • Robin Foster: basic behaviours every horse should know

Understand Horses is an established equine course platform created by equine behaviour consultant Justine Harrison. The weekend marks the first event of its type.

Justine said: "We are all looking forward to sharing our knowledge of equine behaviour, training and physiology with an audience of horse owners, students and equestrian professionals keen to learn more about horses.

"We have created this unique event so that we can talk about a variety of fascinating subjects, then put the scientific theory in to practice with the horses at Writtle University College. We do hope you can join us."

The weekend's activities can be used to contribute to continued professional development (CPD) or continuing education units (CEU) for IAABC practitioners, British Horse Society APCs, KPA practitioners and Pony Club UK. For more information, go to https://www.understandhorses.com/understand-horses-live.

Writtle University College students can claim a ten percent discount by emailing info@understandhorses.com with their student number and course name to book tickets directly.