WUC attends UFAW International Conference

June 2022

Image for press release - A Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, Dr Jon Amory, smiling at the camera, in front of one of several poster presentations
(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Writtle University College is presenting research at The UFAW International Conference: Advancing Animal Welfare Science.

The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) is an independent registered charity that works with the animal welfare science community worldwide to develop and promote improvements in the welfare of animals through scientific and educational activity.

2022 marked the UFAW's first in-person annual conference since the outbreak of COVID-19. It took place in Edinburgh from 28 - 29th June and offered opportunities to share the latest advancements and research.

Principal Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, Dr Jon Amory, chaired a conference session as part of the event and Writtle University College shared several poster presentations:

  • An investigation into Sus scrofa domesticus and milk replacer pre-weaning, focusing on size and social behaviours in the farrowing crate - Holly Deacon and Jonathan Amory (Writtle University College, UK)
  • The structure and temporal changes in brokerage typologies applied to a dynamic sow herd - Sarah Jowett, Zoe Barker and Jonathan Amory (Writtle University College and University of Reading, UK)
  • Proximity interactions in a permanently housed dairy herd: Network structure, consistency, and individual differences - Kareemah Chopra, Holly Hodges, Zoe Barker, Jorge Vazquez Diosdado, Jonathon Amory, Tom Cameron, Darren Croft, Nick Bell and Edward Codling (University of Essex, Writtle University College, University of Exeter and Royal Veterinary College, UK)

For more information on Writtle University College's animal-related courses, go to writtle.ac.uk/animal.