WUC supplier donates over £8 million to charity

February 2022

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Writtle University College (WUC)  is delighted to announce that water coolers on its countryside campus are now supplied by CoolerAid Ltd.

The Newmarket-based company is a leading UK supplier of mains-fed and bottle-fed water coolers, bottle refill stations, hot water boilers and drinking fountains.

Since its launch in 1991, CoolerAid has worked to donate a significant proportion of its profits to charity, including ten percent of the revenue generated by its mains fed water coolers.

CoolerAid has raised over eight million pounds in the last 22 years and is a key supporter of The Lifeline Fund, an organisation which supports orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi.

The Lifeline Fund has created 12 children's centres, built four schools and three health clinics. It also pays for school fees, college fees and for vocational training when students complete their secondary school education.

The charity was founded by John Searle, the father of CoolerAid's director John Charles Searle, after travelling in Malawi, where he witnessed children begging and living in extreme poverty.

The charity now provides care and education to around three thousand children and young people and has been responsible for training thousands of new professionals including teachers, carpenters, tailors and nurses.

Writtle University College's Property Procurement Officer, Claire Griffith, said: "We wanted to work with a supplier who was involved with charitable work; we were delighted to learn of Cooler Aid's donations. Every time our students use a water cooler on campus, they will be supporting a good cause."