CaniCross Club, Tailrunners, moves to Writtle

January 2022

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Tailrunners, the South East Essex CaniCross running club has announced the location of its new home ground. Future training will take place on Writtle University College's countryside estate.

CaniCross started as a method of training sled dogs when no snow was available and evolved into a popular sport, with runners travelling cross country, harnessed to their dog with a bungee cord.  

Tailrunners chairperson and Canine Massage Therapist, Amanda Perriman said: "I've been the chairman of the club I founded nearly 10 years ago and our club mission has always been to help dogs and their humans run happy and safely and to keep them fit and healthy for longevity in this active and enjoyable sport, they are after all our number one teammates!

"We are deeply honoured and excited to be invited to develop our sport further into the local community and form this exclusive collaboration with a respected institution such as Writtle University College. 

"Our club runs are insured and run 3 times per week. We can be contacted by our website or socials. So let’s go for a run!!

The Tailrunners team have exciting plans for the University College estate. The have begun testing trails for Dryland Bikejor. This popular activity allows cyclists to attach their dogs to a bike, before navigating cross country trails together.

Dr Greg Deacon, the University College’s Head of Sport, said: "We are delighted that Tailrunners will be making our estate their official home ground. We're lucky to have a spacious, countryside campus with a wide range of sporting facilities, from bike trails to basketball courts, rugby pitches and more. It's fantastic to add CaniCross to the community projects we're in a position to support."