Art and Design students create festive installation

January 2022

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

In December 2021, Applied General Extended Diploma in Art and Design students created an innovative, festive art installation.

They spoke to friends and family about Christmas and divided into four groups to create representations of the holiday season.  

The final installation was made up of four elements. Holly and berries were arranged in different patterns and textures to represent the way Christmas brought groups together. The spiky edges of the leaves hinted at the conflict that could be present.

Snowflakes were chosen because of their beauty and complex nature. The top of the snowflakes demonstrated the portrayal of Christmas as perfect and seamless, yet also showed that this could be a misrepresentation. By looking down, viewers could see the struggle involved in keeping each piece together.

The eyes made a bold statement about the expectations people may feel when celebrating Christmas. People, particularly children, may feel 'watched' and under pressure to show enjoyment of the holiday.

The snowmen represented a typical symbol of the festive season, yet not a truism as it rarely snows on Christmas day. This was another example of a false expectation of Christmas. The paper snow sculptures commented on childhood fun and the unedited nature of those memories. Snow melts away into the ground as do those reminders of Christmases past.