‘Unibuddies’ chat to prospective students

November 2020

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(NOTE: This is an archived press release.)

Writtle University College is giving prospective students an exciting new way to learn about university life. 'Unibuddies' puts future students in touch with current, real-life learners. By logging onto a virtual chat, participants can ask questions about uni courses and find out about campus facilities.  

If you're interested in animal, equine or veterinary physiotherapy courses, visit https://www.makehappen.org/unibuddy/ to direct-message Writtle students Alex, Beth, Emily, Grace and Janne.

BSc (Hons) Animal Science student, Beth, hopes to work with animals and has been talking to students with similar ambitions. She said: "once I have finished my Bachelors degree, I'm going to do my Masters! After that, I'm going to see what kind of environment I feel comfortable in. Whether that's zoo, laboratory, conservation, here or abroad, I want to try as much as possible!"

All five students have created a profile, describing their course and interests, to help you find the best person to answer your questions. So if you'd like to study animals, like Beth, Equine Performance with Janne, or Veterinary Physiotherapy with Emily, you can click the 'chat' button to message them directly for a real student story!

Unibuddies lets you hear about the highs and lows of student life, whether it's Grace adapting to living away from home (and away from her dog), to Alex's passion for horse riding and rugby.

Outreach Officer, Alex Williams, said: "The Unibuddies initiative is a fantastic way for prospective students to get a real, behind-the-scenes view of university life. We're delighted to offer a lifechat and would like to thank students Alex, Beth, Emily, Grace and Janne for making this possible."